Robin Parkinson Children: Sarah Parkinson, Rebecca Parkinson

English Actor, Robin Parkinson, dies aged 92.

Born on the 25 October 1929 in Coventry, Parkinson was the well known voice of the children television series Button Moon. He also did voice-overs for the Tunes and Babycham television adverts in the 1980s.

He was a major feature in the theatrical world, having made his professional debut in the Birmingham Repertory Theatre production of The Imperial Nightingale.

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He went on to perform at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry and in several West End productions.

Robin Parkinson Children: Sarah Parkinson, Rebecca Parkinson

Parkinson had two daughters named Sarah Parkinson and Rebecca Parkinson.

Sarah Parkinson

Sarah Jane Parkinson, the daughter of actor Robin Parkinson, was a producer and writer of radio and television programs. She was also a part-time actress.

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Miss Parkinson was born on 6 June 1962 in London. She was married to Paul Merton, who is a writer and a comedian.

Sarah died on the 23 September 2003 at age 41 after being diagnosed of breast cancer in February 2002.

Sarah Parkinson And Paul Merton
Sarah Parkinson and Paul Merton (Alamy)

Rebecca Parkinson

Rebecca is the sister of the English radio and television writer and producer, Sarah Parkinson. She currently works as the Head of Production at Retort. She has a 2 and a half year old daughter called, Lily.

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Rebecca Parkinson
Rebecca Parkinson ( Media Parents)