Rula Lenska Net Worth

Rula Lenska Net Worth: Rula Lenska is a British actress who mainly appears in British stage and television productions.

Lenska is however known in the United States for a series of commercials for Alberto VO5 hairspray in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

She appeared as Claudia Colby on Coronation Street.

Her big break was as the Little Ladies band member “Q” in the British TV series Rock Follies and its sequel, Rock Follies of ’77, the following year.

By this time, she had “discarded” her title as a Polish countess; she has said of the decision, “In England it doesn’t count, if you’ll excuse the pun.”

Lenska began to appear in commercials in the late 1970s for the hair product Alberto VO5, which were shown on US television. Though she was known in Britain, she was almost unknown in the United States.

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In a Tonight Show monologue broadcast after the commercials started running, Johnny Carson asked “Who the hell is Rula Lenska?” and began using her name as a running joke on his show.

Around the same time, Jane Curtin played Lenska in a sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Rula Lenska Net Worth
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Rula Lenska Net Worth

How rich is Rula Lenska? The British actress has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

In 2016, Lenska was sentenced to a 16-month driving ban and ordered to pay a total of £526 after crashing her car while under the influence of alcohol. Her three-year-old grandson was a passenger in the car.

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Rula Lenska is currently 74 years as of May, and will be 75 on September 30, 2022. She was born on September 30, 1947, in St Neots, United Kingdom.

Rula Lenska Husband, Children

Lenska has been married twice, she first got married to actor Brian Deacon on June 4, 1977, and divorced in 1987, with whom she had one daughter, Lara Parker.

Her marriage is with actor Dennis Waterman. The couple got married on January 3, 1987, and divorced on March 31, 1998.

Rula Lenska Net Worth

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She and Waterman met on the set of Minder in 1981 where their characters had a brief love interest.

Some years after Lenska’s second marriage ended, in a March 2012 interview with Piers Morgan, Waterman said;

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“It’s not difficult for a woman to make a man hit her. She certainly wasn’t a beaten wife, she was hit and that’s different.”

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Via her friend, Denise Welch on Loose Women, Lenska said that she was relieved that he had now admitted beating her. Lenska had made allegations against Waterman shortly after their split, and thought she could no longer be accused of lying.

Rula Lenska is currently 74 years as of May, and will be 75 on September 30, 2022. She was born on September 30, 1947, in St Neots, United Kingdom.

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