Ryan Grantham Girlfriend: Is Ryan Grantham In A Relationship?

Ryan Grantham is a former Canadian actor who rose to fame in the mid-2000s after starring in several beloved films.

He has been seen in several productions over the years, including Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Becoming Redwood, Undercover Cheerleader, and Supernatural.

Ryan Grantham
Credit: Netflix

Grantham is most famous for his role as Jeffery in The CW’s Riverdale.

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The former actor pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges after admitting that he shot his mother, Barbara Waite, in the back of the head on March 31, 2020, while she played piano.

Ryan Grantham Girlfriend: Is Ryan Grantham In A Relationship?

Grantham is currently dating, however, details about his girlfriend have not been disclosed.

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Grantham is currently awaiting sentencing for the murder of his mother to ascertain when he will become eligible for parole.

Meanwhile, Grantham allegedly planned to kill the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, in his home in Rideau Cottage in Ottawa a day after he had killed his mother in their townhouse 2 years ago.

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According to reports, prosecutors found out that the 24-year-old loaded his car with three guns, Molotov cocktails, ammunition, and a map leading to the house of the PM in Ottawa but had a change of mind and decided to head to his school for mass violence before turning himself over to the Vancouver police.

Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com