Ball J and Sarkodie

“Sarkodie Is The Fastest Rapper Ever”- Ball J Admits [Video]

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This was revealed in an interview with Ola Michaels on Newt FM. Ball J said that he would have to admit that Sarkodie is the fastest rapper in Ghana, judging from the duration he uses in pronunciation of words a normal person will have difficulty pronouncing with the same duration.

He said that the dynamics and punches that accompany the words the rapper mentions rate him as the fasted rapper yet his lyrics are so clear. He said that Sarkodie’s attack in maintaining clarity in his lyrics, yet going very fast makes him the fastest rapper in Ghana.


However, Ball J stated that he and rapper, Jayso are still the fastest rappers in Ghana because they started doing that before Sarkodie emerged into the scene. But he said that Sarkodie has mastered that aspect for a long time, thus he is the fastest rapper in Ghana.

Award-winning rapper, Sarkodie is one of the best rappers in Africa. He has maintained his prominence for over a decade and still wears the crown as the best rapper in the scene.

He is among the few Ghanaians who have made it into the international market, making waves with their music and promoting the Ghanaian culture.

Watch the video below;