Sarkodie To Feature Drake Soon – New York Entertainment Blog Hints

New York entertainment blog MusixXclusives has just given the hint that Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie may be featuring Drake on a project or vice versa sooner than many could have anticipated.

This comes after Sarkodie released his new album, “No Pressure” which features the likes of Wale, Giggs…

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Priorto the release of the album, it was speculated by fans and corroborated by record producer Possigee, that Sarkodie was working with “someone bigger than Jay Z.”

Although Sarkodie has downplayed the rumour, it appears the rapper is on the sure path to featuring Drake, which will ultimately puts all rumours to bed.

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MusicXclsusive has hinted through its tweets, that Rapper Sarkodie may be working with Drake on a project soon. Probably, Sarkodie and Drake have already worked on something big and looking forward to letting it out at the right time.

Al last, Sarkodie may be featuring or be featured by “someone greater than Jay Z”, maybe not.

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Remember, Sarkodie’s ‘No Pressure” album had promotions from MusicXclsusives which presupposes that they have a preview of the exclusive information on Sarkodie’s next line of action.