Savage Garden Singer Darren Hayes Says He Was On ‘The Brink of Suicide’ While Struggling With His Sexuality

In a Friday op-ed for HuffPost, Darren Hayes discussed his difficulties accepting his sexuality adding that he nearly committed suicide.

The 50-year-old singer for Savage Garden spoke about his issues with his mental health, acknowledging that he was “on the verge of suicide.”

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In an interview with People, he provided further detail on the points he made in the op-ed.


“‘I would say my new album honestly saved my life. I was in a dark place, emotionally, not understanding that just like my sexuality, my creative outlet is a huge part of the person I am and by denying that, I was denying an essential part of me.”

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“I realized that I had never truly been myself at the height of my fame and commercial success. It would have been a huge regret of mine to have retired from the public eye without having come back to the world as my true authentic self”

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