Secular Musicians Are Not Of The Devil- Grace Ashy

Ghanaian gospel musician Grace Ashy has disclosed that she has a cordial relationship with secular musicians because she does not toe the line of suggestions that persons whose songs do not preach the gospel are from and of the devil.

She is of the view that a musician’s decision to do secular music should not be met with disdain because such decisions are made based on an artist’s strength and desire.

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Grace Ashy
Grace Ashy

She insists that all musicians work under one umbrella but with some little differences. She argues that an individual can decide which genre to do based on which one they are comfortable with.

Grace Ashy says that she sees no disparity in artists who do different genres of music meet and are cordial towards each other.

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The gospel artist added that it is possible that an individual may not be successful when she or he does gospel music but will be successful when they do secular music.