Selina Denva: Massively Curvy Ghanaian Model With Heavier Goods Than Moesha And Hajia Bintu Together Pops Up

A Ghanaian fashion model living in the United States is completely breaking the internet with her incredible photos.

Selina Denva is a Ghanaian-American who rose to fame through the path to fame due to her impressive physique assets.

In this modern of social media, it’s not difficult to be famous. All you need to do is have something that people would be talking about.

Hajia Bintu became famous in Ghana, and not for any other reason than the simple reality that she has the Moesha kind of bum.

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She began sharing pictures and videos on TikTok and highlighting her “assets” and voilà, she’s now a public figure in Ghana.

Going back towards the reason why you’re here reading this article, Selina possesses larger and curvier qualities that Bintu, Moesha, Abena Cilla, and Princes Shyngle combined can dare dream of.

Her social media posts are treasures filled with curvy bliss.

Selina’s IG page is frequently ablaze because of her curly appearance.

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Her pictures cause controversy, and you have to look them up to understand the reason.

Based on her profile, Selina is a fashion model as well as a diagnostic medical sonographer. She is also an agent of life insurance, resident in Miami, Florida.

She’s not only there for looks, she’s got plenty going on in her personal life.

Check out the photos below;