Sergio Brighenti Children: Did Sergio Brighenti Have Kids?

Sergio Brighenti was born on 23 September 1932 in Modena, Italy.
He was an Italian football player and coach. He played as a forward for his club and national team.

He had nine international appearances for the Italian national side and scored two goals in that period.

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Sergio Brighenti
Sergio Brighenti

Brighenti had an older brother who was also a football.
He was called Renato Brighenti, Renato died on 17 February 1982.

In 1965, Sergio retired from his playing career and began his football management career three years later.
He started coaching with Varese with whom he had two spells as a manager.

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Brighenti also managed Seregno and Lecco.

The former center forward died on Monday 10 October 2022 in Arluno, Italy at the age of 90.

Sergio Brighenti Children: Did Sergio Brighenti Have Kids?

The situation with Sergio Brighenti’s children is unclear at the moment.

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There have not been any public indications that he had any children yet there are no indications that he didn’t have any either.

We are keeping a close eye on this to bring you up to date with this.