Shannon Bream Illness: What Disease Does Shannon Bream Have?

Shannon Bream is an American Television news anchor, reporter, attorney, and beauty pageant contestant. She was born December 23rd, 1970 as Shannon Noelle DePuy who later became Shannon Bream after marriage.

Shannon became the host of the program, Fox News Sunday this year, 2022. Prior to this program, she hosted Fox New @ Night for five years. She was also a correspondent for News 12 Long Island in the 1990s.

Shannon Bream Illness: What Disease Does Shannon Bream Have?

Shannon Bream, the beautiful American Journalist has been through a lot of ups and downs with her husband, especially with regard to health.

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Shannon’s husband, Sheldon suffered a brain tumor but was saved after the surgery a month before their marriage which was 1995.

In 2010, Shannon began experiencing excruciating pain in the eye. The Fox News Reporter managed during the day by keeping lubricating eye drops close to her reach; in her purse, car, desk, and even in the shower. At night, Shannon woke up within 2 hours intervals to apply the drops to ease the pain.

Shannon who had gone to see a lot of Optometrists got worse by the day and her doctors assumed she had dry which is a common eye condition for women in their 40s.

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The doctors continued to give her prescriptions which resulted in rather worse pain thus at a point in time when the Optometrist didn’t have any answers for the pain they dismissed her with one describing her as being emotional.

When she confided her thoughts to her husband, he promised to empty every bank account and travel the world to get a concrete diagnosis and treatment.

In the long run, she found an ophthalmologist who gave her the diagnosis she needed and the compassion she wanted. Together with her doctor; they teamed up to manage her chronic pain which enabled her to regain her life.

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Dr. Thomas Clinch, a world-class cornea specialist, revealed to Shannon that she had the most common type of corneal dystrophy which unfortunately has no cure. They managed her symptoms for several years but eventually,  her cornea deteriorated to the extent that she needed surgery.

Dr. Clinch performed a type of laser surgery called phototherapic keratectomy, that removed the top layer of her cornea, leaving a rough surface so the cells can stick better, making the cornea more resistant to tearing. After a painful recovery, she’s doing better than ever.