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Shatta Bandle Quickly Responds To Reports That He Would Be Sued For Raping An Underage Girl

Shatta Bandle has quickly responded to reports that he would be sued for raping an underage girl.

Apparently, a video surfaced on the internet that saw the social media sensation on a bed with a young girl.

One Facebook user, Mahama Haruna came out to reveal that the girl is his nephew and that Shatta Bandle raped the lady in a hotel.

For this reason, he’ll make sure he faces the law.

Check out his post below;

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A few hours after his post, Shatta Bandle has come out to speak.

In an Instagram live video, he said that he respects himself so much, so he can never sleep with an underage person not to talk of rape.

The Young Rich Nigga said this propaganda against him is a ploy by poor people to tarnish his image.

He stated that while he was doing the video with the girl, there were other people in the room so there’s no way he could have raped her.

Shatta Bandle again said that he wasn’t even naked with the girl so how can they conclude that he’s sleeping with her?

“Just imagine that you took a normal snap on your bed with a girl and people think that you raped the girl? Always I think about money and not sex“, he fumed.

He said he had a program in the Northern region and that was his reason of going there.

“I even sent my girlfriend along so how can I go and sleep with a small girl. Have you seen me sleeping with that girl? Ohhhhh this is not good. Ah and the Bloggers have twisted everything and I don’t like that“, he further said in the video.

Watch the video below;