Shocking As US Citizens Captured Buying Fuel In Polythene Bags And Gallons As Some States Suffer Fuel Shortage (Photos)

Current information gathered by our outfit indicates that US is presently encountering fuel shortage and individuals are as of now panic buying. The fuel shortage is because of a closure of the biggest U.S. fuel pipeline by some hackers..

Some gas stations from Florida to Virginia started running dry and costs at the pump shot up on Tuesday, May 11, as the closure of the biggest U.S. fuel pipeline by hackers stretched out into a fifth day and started panic buying by drivers.

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Some US residents were seen purchasing fuel in plastic packs and barrels. Likewise, there were long lines at corner stores in the US. Ashish Desai, a representative at BP station in Charlotte, North Carolina, said Tuesday was a disaster.

He said quite a number of pumps were closed down around 2 p.m., however in the long run they were totally shut and it was not known when the next fuel would be delivered.

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Below are some pictures shared on twitter with regards to some citizens buying fuel in plastic bags;