Simi Educates Ladies On How To Know If A Man Is The One

Songstress Simi has given ladies a hint on how to know that the men in their lives are the ones, just like she knew her husband Adekunle Gold is the one.

Simi in a question and answers session with fans educated women on how to know or things to make them realize that the men in their lives are the ones for them and can go ahead to marry them or move forward with them.

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According to her, if the man is good to you and mindful of you, if he respects and loves the fvck out of you, and if he protects your energy and doesn’t mock you, then you have to realize that he’s the one for you.

Simi also added that if the man in question encourages you, supports you, is kind to you, and communicates with you, then it’s obvious he’s your Mr. Right and nothing can keep you both from moving your relationship forward.

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Going by Simi’s observation and a hint of knowing Mr. Right, we could say one can know easily that her man is the one if he puts her first among some other things and makes her very happy doing all that Simi mentioned.

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But then not all Mr. Rights will possess every quality Simi mentioned as some might be short somewhere, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the one, hence it’s up to the lady to decide whether to make him Mr. Right or not.

See the screenshot below;