SkyLord Death Real or Fake, Death Photo, Death Date, Cause of Death

Abhiyuday Mishra also known as SkyLord, a popular YouTuber has died in a motor accident, aged 25.
SkyLord was a well-known Free Fire content creator who had about 1.5 million subscribers on this YouTube channel.


He was on a motorbike riding tour when a truck rammed into him. Local news sources say SkyLord was part of the Riders in the Wild biker’s tour organized by the state government to promote tourism in and around Khajuraho.
He succumbed to the injuries he sustained as a result.

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Due to his popularity on the internet tributes have been pouring in from all over the world.
His funeral and burial are yet to be announced.

SkyLord Death Real or Fake

Many fans and followers of SkyLord are finding it difficult to accept his death but the truth is he has passed away.
His death is real.

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SkyLord Death Photo



SkyLord Death Date

SkyLord died on Monday 26 September 2022.

SkyLord Cause of Death

SkyLord died from injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle accident.