Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Badu Reveals Why He Doesn’t Live In Ghana

Ghanaian gospel musician, Sonnie Badu has revealed the main reason why he doesn’t reside live in Ghana.

It could be recalled that the musician lives in the United States of America even after spending most of his childhood days in Ghana.

He relocated to the US some years ago and since then he has refused to come back and settle in Ghana.

No one knew the reason until recently when he had a Facebook live where he lambasted people talking about his recently gained academic degrees.

Sonnie Badu
Sonnie Badu

Ghanaians have subjected him to severe trolls after it was claimed that the degrees are fake. Reacting to this in the video, he stated that there is a mindset problem especially with young people adding that this is the reason why he doesn’t reside in Ghana.

In the video, he said;

“Young people have the audacity to disrespect, it doesn’t move me, it doesn’t touch me because I know them, and you have others jumping yaaay, yippie but I know the mindset. I know the mindset of my people that is why I don’t live there.

But think about it, if we keep going on this way, will our nation move on. If we keep going on this way especially in Ghana, killing our heroes, somebody has the audacity to question my presidential lifetime achievement award…honourary citizenship, keys to the city of Brentford…

The young man called Kwadwo Sheldon I’m here for violence, brother man I respect you. I respect you I love the work you do but kindly respect others as well. OK, I love you, I respect you kindly respect others too, please do that.

You don’t go and insult me, I have never insulted you before, I am much older than you, you don’t go and insult me, you don’t do that. You don’t.

Have you ever promoted any book I have written? No, you haven’t. But you are busy trending and there are adverts playing, you are making money, you are making money, that is not nice.

I pray for the youth of our nation, I really pray for them. I do not live in Ghana but I pray for the youth that God has mercy on them. I love Ghana and I pray for the youth of Ghana that God should have mercy and help them.”