Steve Grimmett Children: Did Steve Grimmett Have Kids?

Stephen Grimmett was born on 19 August 1959 in Swindon, England. He was a British heavy metal vocalist.
He was the lead vocalist for Grim Reaper.

Grimmett started with the band Medusa which was short-lived, he then went on to form Lionheart. As the lead vocalist for Grim Reaper, they achieved success the world over with three studio albums and a single that received rave reviews.

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Steve Grimmett
Steve Grimmett

After he left Grim Reaper went to play with Onslaught for a short while, releasing a debut single that charted in the United Kingdom. He later formed the Steve Grimmett Band backed by Ian Nash, Chaz Grimaldi, and Pete Newdeck.

Grimmett recorded a music video in conjunction with a commercial for Garmin that aired during the 2007 Super Bowl XLI.
Due to Grimmett’s resemblance to Greek politician Evangelos Venizelos, Grim Reaper is very popular in Greece.

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Steve Grimmett Children: Did Steve Grimmett Have Kids?

Yes, Steve Grimmett had three children.
However, information about them is undisclosed at the moment.