Ted Cruz Says Jon Stewart Has Veteran Health Care Bill Wrong

American Senator, Ted Cruz has explained that famous comedian, Jon Stewart has gotten the whole idea of the veteran health care bill wrong.

According to him, he supports veterans but wouldn’t play a part in a cheap trick by Democrats to cost the taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars.

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Ted Cruz
Picture Credit: Oliver Douliery

This comes after Jon Stewart went after Republicans for failing to support the PACT Act which seeks to expand healthcare coverage for veterans who may have been subjected to burn pits and toxins during their time of service.

Cruz claims that even though he voted against the PACT Act, he truly supports it but believes the Democrats would use it as a vehicle to spend far more over the following ten years. Although it gets quite detailed, Cruz believes the legislation would open the way for Democrats to spend an additional $400 billion on initiatives unrelated to veteran benefits. Democrats and veteran organizations most definitely do not view it that way.

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Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com