Jimy Sohns

The Shadows Of Knight Singer Jimy Sohns Dies At 75 After Suffering Stroke

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The lead singer for the American rock band The Shadows of Knight, Jimy Sohns has died at the age of 75 after suffering a stroke.

His passing was confirmed by his daughter in a heartfelt message as she urged her “rock n roll angel” to “fly high,”.

Sohns had a stroke, according to a statement posted earlier this week on the band’s official Facebook page, even though he was receiving medical attention at a hospital at the time.

Jimy Sohns
Picture Credit: FilmMagic

“We are sorry for the relaying the miscommunication regarding Jimy’s health situation. He is currently in the hospital after suffering a stroke on Friday. He has not passed away but can certainly use the love and support from his friends and fans,” the statement said.

Unfortunately just a few days after his illness was announced to the public, Jimy’s daughter, Raechel, confirmed her father is no more.

“My dads is gone at 5:10pm! He wired for me to go outside and left us! Fly high my rock n roll 📐 😇,” she said.

Source: Kingaziz.com