Thickleeyonce Drops Stunning Photos To Get Her Followers Talking

The renowned lifestyle blogger and model shared these lovely photos on her personal social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.


As a caption to the post, she wrote;

“Eyes on your own paper, enjoy your life without comparison.”

Read some of the reaction from her followers below;

@ZuluKatleho – Everything is on point

@KoketsoPlus – A confident woman is beautiful

@palesa_phambane – You look beautiful Where do you get your jewellery?

@Bubu_Mfihlo – Always brightening up my TL

This comes after she made an earlier post where she gave out ome professional photography tips for social media users.

Sharing some awesome photos of herself, she wrote;

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“As a child, I spent a lot of time collecting and going through magazines. I loved cutting my clothes up, exploring with fashion, make up, colors and that creativity led to a career in photography and later as an influencer / content creator. I’ve been sharing my photographs on Instagram for 10 years and so much has changed over the years…from sharing candid, fun pics to having to curate “professional” content which in the past was mostly more common for magazines, or billboards but now pr ofessionally captured and retouched images have become “regular” Instagram posts which has arguably created worse relationships with our physical appearance.
Over the past two days, I attended the @dove

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#behindthefilter digital summit and listening to other people’s stories about how Instagram beauty standards have played a major role in their body images made me self reflect.

Standards of beauty have always existed. Photo retouching has always existed and it has played a major role in body image issues. Unlike before, when popular retouching softwares like Adobe Photoshop were inaccessible and too complex to use, we are now living in a Instagram influenced world where retouching is more common and easier to learn and access. Presets, filters and retouching apps seem harmless because they’re fun to use and they allow one to be creative and to experiment with their photos however they can also be damaging when they’re used to digitally distort the way that we look… they can lead to an obsessive search for the unobtainable ‘perfect’ shot.

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In my self love journey, I’ve learned that it’s important for my self portraits to always be a reflection of the girl in the mirror. We don’t all have to have the same hourglass bodies or extra smooth skin. Let’s normalise seeing skin textures on photographs. Stretch marks are normal. Cellulite is normal. Discolouration is normal. Hip dips are normal. You are normal. You are beautiful.”