This One Na Scammers – Netizens React To Video Of Rich Nigerian Men Driving Expensive Cars On The Street

Nigeria is a third world nation that many of its citizens are living from hand to mouth, but some too are living better.

In actual fact, there are some pretty wealthy people living within the West African country, and the one percent are able to flaunt their wealth whenever the need arises.

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A video of wealthy men displaying their luxurious automobiles on the streets of Nigeria have attracted the interest of many via social media.

The most luxurious vehicles you could imagine, and you see in Hollywood movies, were on display on the roads of Nigeria.

Who would have believed that certain Nigerians were driving such luxury vehicles that were parked in their garages? It was breathtaking to witness when people stood in amazement.

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The video was uploaded on Instagram by Nigerian celebrity brogger Tunde Ednut, who expressed surprise at the amount of expensive cars shown in a single day across the country.

Nobody knew where the men were and where they were going, but a large group of luxurious automobiles, including SUV and sports, were seen driving along the road in the footage.

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The cars that were seen were Benz, G-Wagon, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Maserati, Brabus, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, mustang, and a variety of motorbikes.

Watch the video below;