Thomas Kingston Parents: Meet Martin Kingston and Jill Kingston

Thomas Kingston, a British financier and former hostage negotiator, who became a part of the British Royal Family through his marriage to Lady Gabriella Windsor, has sadly passed away at the age of 45.

Learn more about the late Thomas Kingston’s parents as we delve into his family background.

Thomas Kingston Parents: Meet Martin Kingston and Jill Kingston

Thomas Kingston was born to his father, Martin Kingston, who worked as a lawyer, and his mother, Jill Kingston. Jill is the granddaughter of Sir William Joseph Pearman-Smith of Park Hall.

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After earning his bachelor’s degree in economic history from Bristol University, Kingston embarked on his professional journey at the Diplomatic Missions Unit of the UK’s Foreign Office. For nearly three years, he served in Baghdad as a project officer for the Iraqi Institute of Peace, where he played a pivotal role in mediating conflicts and facilitating hostage releases.

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Transitioning into finance, Kingston worked as an equity analyst at Schroders, a renowned global asset management firm. Subsequently, he held the position of managing director at Voltan Capital Management until April 2017. Before his death, he is reported to focus on frontier market investment and holds a directorial role at Devonport Capital, as stated by the Palace.

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