Tonto Dikeh Warns Rude Fans Who Insult Her But Take Offense When Their Mothers Are Insulted Back

Actress Tonto Dikeh has warned rude fans who insult her but take offense when their mothers are insulted in return for the insult they gave her.

Any time Tonto Dikeh poses as the father of her son King Andre, she gets insulted for denying her child the chance to be with his father and today posed as the father of her son at his school during a Father’s Day celebration.

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Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh

Some fans insult Tonto Dikeh because they feel it’s not right for her to do that to her son and her ex-husband, but others don’t even need a reason to insult her, as anything she does seems to be wrong in their eyes.

Tonto Dikeh upon all the insults has taken time to warn and advise those rude fans who think they can insult her just like that but take offense when their mothers are insulted in return to respect themselves for others to respect them.

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According to Tonto Dikeh, some of these fans need a strong beating with a wet broom since they feel at liberty to insult a mother like her yet when their mothers are insulted back they say the insultee is too big to insult back.

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Tonto Dikeh then advised that they need to help the public respect their families by respecting themselves in public and not behaving as nuts but takes offense when someone gives them a dose of their own medicine.

See the screenshot below;