Towie Star Ella Rae Wise Descends On Co-star Dan Edgar For Inappropriate Behavior

Towie’s Ella Rae Wise has criticized Dan Edgar for acting “inappropriately” in a nightclub and thinks Amber Turner should not put her trust in him.

According to the 22-year-old actress, Dan Edgar 32, “needs to keep his hands to himself”. She added that she is shocked that he acted in such a way given that he is in a committed relationship with Amber, 29.

Ella Rae Wise
Picture Credit: REX

In an exclusive interview, Ella revealed that Amber’s close friends Chloe Meadows, 30, and Courtney Green, 27, have called her a “liar” since Dan has failed to apologize for the event, which allegedly occurred during a night out earlier this year.

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Ella Rae Wise

“Dan needs to keep his hands to himself really. He shouldn’t touch up other girls when he has a girlfriend. He was hands on and given he has a girlfriend, it was inappropriate. With his track record I don’t know how she can allow her man to go out. I’m not the biggest fan of theirs and they’re not the biggest fans of me but I’m the worst person he could have touched up in a club because I’m not going to keep it a secret,” she said.

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Amber Turner and Dan

“I’ve been called a liar, which is fine because I’ve been called a liar before on the show and I can see why they would have animosity towards me but if her boyfriend were to touch up someone – I’m not the best person because I am going to tell the truth,” she added.

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According to MailOnline, a source confirmed that Dan Edgar had placed his hands around Ella’s waist at a nightclub but added that there was nothing more.