Traci Braxton Weight Loss And Illness: Does Traci Braxton Have Cancer?

Traci Braxton Weight Loss And Illness: All you need to know about the weight loss and illness of the American singer and media personality.

Traci Renee was an American singer, reality TV presenter, and radio host. Braxton’s debut solo album, Crash & Burn, was released in October 2014, and was preceded by the hit single “Last Call”. “Last Call” peaked at 16th at the top of the US R&B Adult chart.

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Parallel to her singing career, she also acted in films like Sinners Wanted (2018), All In (2019), and The Christmas Lottery (2020).

Traci Braxton Weight Loss And Illness: Does Traci Braxton Have Cancer?

Braxton went through a dramatic weight loss that amazed her followers and fans. Traci Braxton shed around 29 kilograms of weight in her weight reduction transformation.

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Traci Braxton suffered from Esophageal cancer, which later caused her death, as confirmed by her husband Kevin Surrant in an interview with TMZ.

We have come to a time where we must inform the public that after a year of privately undergoing a series of treatments for Esophageal cancer our beloved Traci Braxton has gone on to glory,” he said.

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So due to her sickness, that was why she lost weight greatly. This is one of the symptoms of Esophageal cancer, especially when undergoing treatment.” Kevin Surrant added.