Travis Barker Net Worth 2022

Travis Barker is a Fontana, California-born American musician who drums for the rock bank Blink-182.

He was worked with several hip hop acts and is a member of Transplants, a rap rock group.

He was born on November 14, 1975.

Travis Barker
Credit: The News International

Barker founded two rock bands called Box Car Racer and +44. He started drumming at an early age. He was on Meet the Barkers, an MTV production.

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In 2008, he had a plane crash after which he released his maiden solo album titled; Give the Drummer Some, in 2011.

Travis tutored by one Michael Mai as a drummer at the age of 5.

Barker has been married thrice and divorced twice, with two children; Alabama Luella Barker and Landon Asher Barker.

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Travis Barker and his rock band Blink-182 has received 18 awards from 29 nominations.

Travis Barker Net Worth 2022

The star drummer is estimated to be worth a whooping $50 million.

In 2007 Travis bought a $9.5m home in Calabas, California.


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