Trending Photo Of School Kid Who Sent Bowl Of Fufu To Our Day

Trending Photo Of School Kid Who Sent Bowl Of Fufu To Our Day.

Our Day is a local phrase in Ghana that is used to describe the closing party organized in basic schools at the end of each term.

Pupils view these days as special as they are usually given special treatment by their parents, who supply them with food and drinks.

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They put on the best clothes, go to school earlier than usual, and sometimes dance their feet off.

These parties actually signify an end to a term where they would be allowed to stay home, help their parents and have rest.

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However, when you happen to go to “Our Day” with an unconventional dish like fufu, you will most certainly end up on the news.

That is how a school kid went viral after a picture of him eating Fufu and picking his teeth with his left hand went viral.

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Aside from the fact that he was eating fufu, which was way different from his colleagues, who were mostly eating rice dishes, the boy’s appreciative disposition has earned him social media endearment.