Twitter Reveal New Steps To Get Account Verified

Microblogging site Twitter has revealed some new steps to get your Twitter account verified.

The act of getting one’s account verified is a very big deal especially when it comes to accounts owned by top celebrities like musicians, actors and actresses, politicians, sports personalities, media personalities, social media influencers etc.

Well Twitter has revealed some new steps one needs to follow to get his or her account without going through the normal requesting for an account verification through tweets and direct messages (DMs) to the company.

The company said it will in a few days bring out a feature under settings which will help anyone who wants his or her account to be verified to apply for the blue badge with going through the headache of sending DMs and tweets.

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In a very long tweet, the process and procedure one needs to follow to get the account verified on the site is stated below;

Dear “can you verify me” –– Save your Tweets and DMs, there’s a new official way to apply for a blue badge, rolling out over the next few weeks. You can now submit an application to request verification in-app, right from your account settings! -Your verified blue badge source

Once you’ve opened the application link under “Verified” in your account settings: 1. Tell us which eligible category matches your account 2. Choose how you’d like us to confirm your identity 3. Submit the request and we’ll let you know when you can expect a decision

Check out more on our improved verification policy, the lowdown on the new application, and what we’re working on next: And if you’re planning to apply, follow this thread for what you need to know about our eligibility criteria

To qualify for a blue badge, your account must be: 1. Authentic 2. Notable 3. Active

Check out the full policies and eligibility of accounts that can be verified below;