Ugo Humbert Ranking, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Age, Girlfriend, Mother, Sister

Ugo Humbert is a well-known figure in tennis and a traditional left-handed player who is poised to dominate.

Eric and Anne Humbert gave birth to Ugo Humbert on June 26, 1988 in Metz, France. In his hometown of Metz, where the butcher shop has been in the family since 1922, both of his parents, who are now caterers, operate the well-known Boucherie Charcuterie Traiteur Humbert.

Ugo, a French professional tennis player, was inspired to take up the sport at a young age and started playing at age 5.
His professional and personal lives have drawn interest from his fan base since he is a shining example of an athlete.

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Ugo Humbert

Ugo Humbert Ranking

Tennis player Ugo Humbert is from France. On June 21, 2021, was ranked No. 25, which is a career-high ATP singles position.

Ugo Humbert Net Worth

According to reports, Ugo Humbert has a net worth of more than $3 million.

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Ugo Humbert Salary

His current compensation comes from two different sources: the $262,823 in singles prize money and the $11,622 in doubles prize money.

Ugo Humbert Height

Ugo is 6 feet 2 inches tall in height

Ugo Humbert Weight

Humbert weighs 73 kg

Ugo Humbert Age

Born on June 26, 1998, Ugo is 25 years old

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Ugo Humbert Girlfriend

The name of his reported girlfriend is Margot. Many people do not know Margot very well. After the French tennis player uploaded a picture of her on his social media page, she began to receive media attention.

Ugo Humbert Mother

His mother is named Anne Humbert

Ugo Humbert Sister

Léa Humbert is his only sibling