Valdir Segato Wife: Was Valdir Segato Married?

A Brazilian bodybuilder who injected himself with OIL to create massive biceps, Valdir Segato, has passed away on his birthday.

Valdir Segato was a Brazilian bodybuilder and TikTok star who gained over 1.6 million followers on TikTok by pumping himself up with oil.

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He had been using life-threatening Synthol injections for years to produce Hulk-like muscles despite warnings from doctors.

He gained massive followers on TikTok with his eye-popping muscles, which were filled with a dangerous concoction of oil, alcohol, and painkillers.

Valdir Segato
Credit: Jam Press

Valdir Segato died on his 55th birthday from a heart attack after he complained of breathing shortening.

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He is also reported to have died of abuse of Synthol injections into his muscles.

Segato continued using the oil until his death although he was warned about the consequence.

Valdir Segato Wife: Was Valdir Segato Married?

There are no records of his wife whether he was married or not.

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But it seems he was an unmarried man, as he was much focused on his bodybuilding career.