Van Vicker, Nazo Ekezie, React To Rev. Father Kissing Students In Front Of Congregation

Actor Van Vicker and actress Nazo Ekezie have reacted to an Anglican Rev. Father kissing students in front of a congregation, saying they can’t comprehend.

The video of an Anglican Rev. Father kissing some students in front of a congregation has gone viral and Van Vicker and Nazo Ekezie reacting to that have expressed disappointment in the priest, asking that he should be sacked.

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Actress Nazo Ekezie reacting to the video said if the Rev. Father could kiss the students in front of a congregation, only God knows what he would be doing in private calling that he gets sacked from the school because no one knows what will happen next.

Almost everyone has expressed shock over the video of the Rev. Father kissing the students and even forcing himself to kiss one who wasn’t willing to kiss him on the mouth, and the reaction of the congregation is even overwhelming.

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The congregation seems happy seeing their priest kissing these students on the lips as they were shouting when the Rev. Father was kissing the students on the lips which shows how happy they were with such a bad and awkward situation.

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Van Vicker and Nazo Ekezie aren’t the only ones who frowned against such attitude of the Rev. Father as almost everyone who chances on the video speaks against that while others call on the superiors of the Father to sack him.

See the screenshot below;