Van Vicker Reveals His Intention To Venture Politics

Celebrated Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker has revealed his intentions to embark on a political ambition to become a government official.

Van Vicker made this revelation in an interview on Citi FM’s Traffic Avenue with Jessica Opare Saforo.

Van Vicker
Van Vicker

This comes after Jessica Opare Saforo asked the actor to confirm speculations on social media as to whether it is accurate that he wishes to embark on a political ambition.

This means that should all things fall in place, Van Vicker will be joining the likes of John Dumelo, Fritz Baffour and Dzifa Gomashie on the political field to also contribute to the Nation’s growth with his brains and influence.

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Meanwhile, Van Vicker has revealed that he is in no support of the #FixTheCountry campaign, neither is he for #FixYourself just as some politicians suggests but rather he supports #LetsFixTheCountry.

Van Vicker is of the view that fixing the country requires the collective efforts of both the government and the citizens because the problems in the country are equally affecting both parties.

Speaking in an interview with Jessica Opare Saforo on Citi FM, the actor said that; ” Whatever we do, whatever they do, it has a ripple effect both ways.”

If they decide to be corrupt, say they are, it will toll on us. If we decide not to adhere to the regulation they bring, it will come back right at us so indeed I do not think it is the matter of you guys fix the country as in the government”, he added.

” I think it’s a collective effort because if they say let’s clean our surroundings and I decide not to do it, it has a lot of repercussions”, he further detailed.

“So it’s a collective effort, it’s not just government fix it, it is we all fix it so I am not taking a stand that we should fix ourselves, neither is it government should fix the country, it is collectively, let’s fix the country.”