Venetia Stevenson Children: Erin Everly, Stacy Everly, Edan Everly

The death has been reported of veteran English-American actress Venetia Stevenson.

Stevenson died of Parkinson’s disease at a health care facility in Atlanta on 26 September 2022.

Venetia Stevenson
Venetia Stevenson

She was 84 years old.

Stevenson who was born Joanna Venetia Invicta Stevenson began acting when she was a teenager, marking her theatre debut with a performance alongside her mother in the play Lilom.

She also modeled for  Sweetheart Stout beer where she has appeared on their cans and bottles since 1958.

Stevenson was twice married and twice divorced. The two men she married, Russ Tamblyn and Don Everly, were both entertainers.

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She had three children from her marriage to her second husband Don Everly of the Everly Brothers.

We bring you details of who these children are.

Venetia Stevenson Children: Erin Everly, Stacy Everly, Edan Everly

Erin Everly, Stacy Everly, and Edan Everly are the children of Venetia Stevenson.

All of her three children were had in her marriage to Don Everly.

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Erin and Stacey are both females and actresses while Edan the only male is a musician.

Erin Everly was born on 8 November 1965 in Los Angeles, California.
She is an actress and model.

She is the ex-wife of rock star Axl Rose of Guns N Rose.
Erin was featured in the music video of the song “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

After her divorce from Rose, she remarried Jack Portman with whom she had three children; Eres Portman, Easan Portman, and Esper Portman.
They divorced in 2006.

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Stacy Everly is also an actress who is known for her roles in Vice Squad (1982), Winners Take All (1987) and Nice Girls Don’t Explode (1987).

Edan Everly is the only male of the Everly siblings.
He is an American musician and singer-songwriter.
He was born on 25 August 1968 in Burbank, California.

Some of his songs are In the California Sun, I’m Free, and Old Hollywood.