Vicky White Age: How Old Was Vicky White?

Vicky White Age: How Old Was Vicky White? Get to know the real age of the late Alabama jail official who gave her life helping Casey White escape from prison.

Vicky White was an Alabama jail official who gained international infamy after disappearing with a violent murder suspect.

White, who was a prison guard from Alabama helped a 38-year-old inmate Casey White escape on April 29.

Vicky White Age: How Old Was Vicky White?
Vicky White (Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Offi/UPI/Shutterstock)

Vicky White Age: How Old Was Vicky White?

The late Alabama jail official White was 56 years old.

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According to officials, they were last seen as she was transporting him to a bogus mental health evaluation.

Ms. White’s last day at work before retiring.

She had lately sold her home and informed her co-workers that she intended to spend more time at the beach.

She died in a local hospital on April 9, 2022, after shooting herself during the arrest.

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Is Vicky White Related To Casey White?

Despite sharing an identical last name, Vicky is not related to Casey.

They met due to the fact that Vicky was a reputable jail official in Alabama at the time Casey ended up being held in Lauderdale County after allegedly confessing to a murder in jail in Jefferson County.

Casey was already serving a 75-year prison sentence for a string of violent crimes in 2015.

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He has since been charged with the stabbing death of a woman aged 58. Vicky’s main job is the transportation of prisoners.

“He was here in 2020 for an arraignment and preliminary hearing, and when he finished that, he went back to state prison,” Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said through a May 5 statement. “We do know they remained in touch while he was in state prison.”