VIDEO: Angry Bechem Traditional Council Pours Libation And Kills Goat As They Rain Heavy Curses On Twene Jonas And Oheneba David For Insulting Them And Otumfuo

Social media sensation, Twene Jonas, popualrly known as Glass Nkoaa, has refused to apologize to the Asante hene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II as he dropped more insults in a new video.

It all started after Otumfuo Osei Tutu in a submission made it clear that 30% of the Kings in his kingdom know all the people involved in illegal mining in their communities but has refused to let them out.

Illegal mining has destroyed the water bodies and the farmlands in the community, making it difficult for citizens to get clean and safe water.

However, the government in strategic planning has tried to fight against illegal mining in the country, but the situation continues to be the worse.

This made Twene Jonas call out Otumfuo Osei Tutu for playing negligence and oversight, allowing his sub-chiefs to take over the natural resources and destroying them.

Many people were unhappy about how Twene Jonas attacked the Royal Highness Otumfuo Osei Tutu and criticized his speech.

In a video chanced by our outfit, a Ghanaian man was seen holding some eggs and a bottle of schnapp.

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According to the man whose identity is yet to be revealed, should Twene Jonas step his feet in the Ghana and makes his way to Kumasi, then ”Antoa” will do justice by killing him.

Not only that but Otumfuo’s Nkwantakesehene Nana Boakye Yaw Ababio in a video called on Twene Jonas to fly from US to Ghana, kneel Infront of Otumfuo and beg him for speaking such words against him.
According to him, Twene Jonas has over stepped his boundaries as a child and needs to be taught a lesson

But, Otumfuo Osei Tutu is a good listener and is ready to accept Twene Jonas’s apology if he decides to render it.

He also advised that, he should call on his parents to accompany him to apologize to Otumfuo Osei Tutu II after speaking trash about him.

However, in a new video, Twene Jonas has stated without mincing words that he is not going to apologize to anybody because all leaders are not wise.

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“All Ghanaian leaders, from A to Z, are fools and if they want me to stop insulting them, they should make the country better,” he said.

Speaking further, Twene Jonas stated that those who are asking him to apologize to some chiefs should stop and that any chief who has water bodies in his area polluted by galamsey is also not wise.

“To those who are saying I’ve insulted your chief, I’m not going to apologize to anybody because once the chief has polluted water bodies in his area, he is a fool. “If you like, let your chief ensure that the water bodies are clear so you can bring it on Facebook and tell me to exempt that chief from the blasting,” He added.

Oheneba David, who has been always insulting Otumfuo and the political leaders supported Twene Jonas and dragged Asante hene Nifahe and the guy who cursed the US-based Ghanaian social media influencer in a viral video.

In case you don’t know Oheneba David, he is a Ghanaian based in the US who is always dragging our leaders, especially other Kings. He started the leaders before Twene Jonas, he has been cursed before by some Kings, but he’s still strong doing his work. His Facebook handle is known as “Fire From Above.”

Well, in a new video chanced by, the Bechem Traditional Council went all out to place a curse on Twene Jonas and a young man identified as Oheneba David.

According to the Becehem Tradional Council, they are calling on the god’s of Bechem to deal with the two young men ruthlessly for insulting them and Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

Watch the video below;