VIDEO: Dramatic Moment Firefighter Rescues Man And Woman From A Burning Hotel Room Only To See That It Was His Wife

A video is presently causing massive waves on social media and for a minute you could think it’s a plot from a Hollywood movie.

In the video, two firefighters who arrived at a burning hotel to use their expertise to extinguish the fire got shrouded in a melodrama that has since set tongues wagging.

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The two officers had to rescue a couple who were having sex in one of the rooms and got trapped because of the smoke emanating from their room.

The firefighters could be seen in the video trying to break down a room door as the occupants cried out for help.

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After they had successfully broken down the door, the man and woman were helped out of the room, but one of the firemen was stunned when he saw that it was his wife he had saved.

He then asked what she was doing there, but she started apologizing.

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Could it be a comedy skit? We have no idea, but it’s still intriguing how the short clip climaxed.

Watch the video below;