VIDEO: “I’m Happily Married To A New Husband, He Can Do Everything” – Funny Face’s ‘Heartless’ Baby Mama Vanessa Nicole Says

Funny Face’s baby mama, Vanessa Nicole, has bragged in a new video that she is happily married to a new husband after snubbing the comedian.

Vanessa revealed this in a chat with friends. She looked very excited while telling everyone that she was happily married.

As per the mom of four, she posted a seductive photo on social media, and someone attempted to make fun of her by saying that she’s desperate seeking for a husband, hence the attractive image.

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Vanessa declares she’s not seeking a partner because she’s already married and is enjoying her union.

When asked if she held an intimate wedding, she replied that the wedding was actually an engagement.

This has put many social media users in shock, as she just broke up with Funny Face a few months ago, and today she is saying she is now happily married.

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Some netizens believed that she is so heartless, while some stated that she may be secretly dating the man while with Funny Face.

Some even stated that Funny Face was always calling her Ashawo, not knowing it’s true.

Funny was always calling her Ashawo…. The thing be true ooooo…. Herrrrrrr” @africonsult_org wrote.

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Watch the video below;