VIDEO: Jackie Appiah Gives A Hilarious Reaction After Pledging $5,000 At Church But Having Less Than That

Jackie Appiah has got her fans rolling on the floor by sharing this video of her reacting to a church promise she made. She then isn’t able to pay, even after the deadline has passed.

Jackie Appiah’s TikTok videos are always a source of smiles, and she’s back with another one, however this time the seriousness of her face and her response will leave you laughing when she asks who brought her to church to give an agreement when she’s not able to pay for it.

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As per the actress account, she had made an offer of $5,000 in the church. Now, the date for collecting the cash is fast approaching. A quick look at her bank account shows that she has only GH100.00 remaining.

Watch the hilarious video below;