VIDEO: Lady Pushes Jackie Appiah To Fall Down During Competition; Fans Help Her To Get Up

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah fell flat on her back in a musical chair contest with a lady.

Jackie and another woman were involved in the well-known musical chair contest, in which they remained impatient to be named the winner.

The two were extremely alert, and needed to cut themselves across in a variety of ways, in anticipation of the music to cease, and they sat.

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However, in the end, the actress landed on the floor as the other woman removed the chair and then sat down on the back of it.

Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

People and other organizers of the event had to aid Jackie to stay active.

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The actress is the first to have showed her fun side. It’s not gone the manner she’d prefer, but falling on the ground is not uncommon in a musical chairs competition. It’s truly heart-warming to watch Jackie Appiah display her other side.

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Watch the video below;