VIDEO: Man Sacks Hook Up Girl For Not Looking Beautiful As She Posts Online

A rich man has shared a video on social media sending a popular Instagram slay queen out of his house because she did not look like the photos she has been posting on the photo and video sharing platform.

It is clear of what you purchased on the internet and what you actually received, but this time around, the person who purchased returned the merchandise to the factory.

In the video, you can see that the two have been on the internet for some time and decided to change the conversation from online to actual.

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The man was planning a meeting with the slay queen, who is a magnet for admirers in her Instagram profiles but was very unhappy when the girl was there.

They might have planned a getaway together, since she brought an outfit bag.

What was supposed to be a fun meeting turned into a disaster in the flash of an eye after they met in person.

Based on the comments of the man, the woman with a huge back and curvaceous body shape appeared not like her in real life.

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The disappointed man advised her to go to her home as he wasn’t expecting a different persona as he was able to see on the internet.

The woman in the spotlight attempted to justify herself, and claimed she had a backside, but the guy laughed and said it wasn’t as large as what he had seen on her profile.

She asked if this caused her to look ugly, but the man claimed he felt deceived and was lied to by the woman to live in a double life.

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He said that even though he paid more than $400 in transporting her to his home, he is not interested in having anything in connection with her, and she has to leave his premises.

With shame written across her cheeks, the lady grabbed for her bag and walked away.

Watch the video below;