Video Of Peter Okoye And Mercy Eke Dancing Romantically Gets Netizens Talking

A video of Rudeboy’s brother Peter Okoye dancing with Mercy Eke romantically at a club has got netizens talking, with some criticizing him for disrespecting his wife Lola.

The viral video sees Peter Okoye and Mercy Eke all over each other as if they are lovers with some alcohol making some netizens think they were both under the influence of alcohol saying that’s why they were cozy.

According to some netizens, Peter Okoye and Mercy Eke’s dancing position is a disrespect to his wife Lola because as a married man he’s supposed not to be seen so intense with another lady who isn’t his wife.

Even though some agreed they both were under the influence of alcohol, they think that isn’t an excuse for him to be so intense with Mercy Eke when he knows perfectly well that he’s a married man and must behave as such.

Others were wondering whether Mercy Eke is friends with both Rudeboy and Peter Okoye as Mercy Eke has been seen a couple of times with Rudeboy and some point in time she was his video vixen and now has switched to be friends with Peter Okoye.

There were some who think there’s nothing wrong with how Peter Okoye and Mercy Eke were dancing, saying the fact that he’s a married man doesn’t mean he can’t dance with another lady who isn’t his wife romantically.

Watch the video below;


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