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pickpocket receives slaps from woman

VIDEO: Pickpocket Receives Uncountable Slaps From Ghanaian Woman He Tried To Steal From

A strong Ghanaian woman has been sighted in a viral video disciplining a thief who tried to pick her pocket thinking he would easily get away with it.

In the video shared by Ameyaw Debrah on his verified Twitter handle, the woman was seen raining heavy lashes on the thief, who unsuccessfully tried to shield himself from the blows.

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According to source, the young guy is a bag seller who was accused of trying to snatch the bag of a trader and was subjected to instant abuse.

However, he was lucky and saved by the bell as a policeman quickly came to the scene to yank him away from the merciless lashes of the woman and a few bystanders.

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Watch the video below;


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