VIDEO: PSquare Gives An Electrifying Performance Together For The First Time At Their Birthday Party After Their Reunion

Nigerian music duo PSquare comprised from two brothers, Paul Okoye and Peter Okoye, recently wowed a crowd in their home when they hosted a posh birthday celebration to celebrate their birthdays after having been apart for several years.

It’s likely to be remembered by those who know that the twins parted ways on the 25th of September in 2017 according to various news outlets. The day after, Peter was reported to have delivered an official termination letter to the lawyer of the group, following which news reports were circulated on social media of their breakup.

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Prior to this report, the two were split in the year 2016 over an argument over the manager’s job.

A video was posted on social media, which showed the twins hugging and exchanging pleasantries reuniting, after going separated for quite a long time. The news caused lots of excitement from those who love the duo as well as various of their co-workers within the industry.

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According to numerous reports, the twins have returned to the stage as they are preparing to dominate the African entertainment scene by displaying their incredible talent.

A video is being shared on social media that documents the time the two brothers put on an electrifying performance at their birthday party only a few days following their reunion.

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Watch the video below;