VIDEO: Shatta Wale Has Stopped Giving Me Money For The Past 3 Years Because His Girlfriend Says I’m A Witch – Mother Breaks Down

Shatta Wale’s mother has accused her son of being an irresponsible son who has ignored her for the last three years.

Mrs. Elsie Avemegah, Wale’s mother, came on Hot FM in Accra on Thursday to reveal filthy truths about her son, who she describes as “careless.”

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

For starters, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the fact that she had not even seen Wale in the last three years.

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Wale has totally ignored Madam Elsie for no apparent reason, as disclosed by Madam Elsie.

She claims that Wale hasn’t even seen her in almost three years.

As reported by the Ghanaian media, Shatta Wale’s lover-cousin Magdalene Love or Magluv has informed him that his mother is a witch.

She said that she used to cook for her son and send it to him, but Magdalene persuaded him that she had been putting terrible medication in the food in order to “charm” him instead.

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Wale, on the other hand, made the erroneous decision to trust her.

In her confession, she stated that Magdalene has come in between her and Wale, but also between Wale and Michy.

He believes what she says about everyone, according to her, and she claims that Magdalene does the same about everyone.

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She claims that as a result of Wale trusting everything Magluv says, he has turned his back on her completely.

He ignores her phone calls and shows no effort to contact her in any way.

She lied to Wale in order to pamper her, and she lied to Michy in order to spoil him.

Watch the video below: