Virginia Thomas Net Worth (2022 Update)

Virginia Thomas Net Worth in 2022: How rich is Virginia Thomas? Virginia “Ginni” Lamp Thomas is an American attorney and conservative activist.

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, on February 23, 1957, Virginia married U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas in 1987.

Virginia Thomas Net Worth
Virginia Thomas and husband Clarence Thomas (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

Her conservative commentary and her activism have made her a controversial person, especially since wives of Supreme Court justices typically stay away from politics.

Thomas started her professional career by working for Rep. Hal Daub. After she graduated from Creighton University School of Law, she worked for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She later worked in the U.S. Department of Labor and was an aide to Rep. Dick Armey.

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In 2000, she joined The Heritage Foundation, where she served as a White House Liaison between the think tank and the George W. Bush administration.

After 2009, Thomas founded Liberty Central, which is a conservative advocacy non-profit that is associated with The Tea Party movement. In 2010, she founded Liberty Consulting in 2010.

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Virginia Thomas
Virginia Thomas (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Thomas was a supporter of Donald Trump during his presidency, she offered the Trump administration suggestions on who to recruit through her involvement within The Conservative Groundswell group.

After the election in 2020 where Joe Biden was declared the winner, Thomas repeatedly called on the chief of staff for Trump, Mark Meadows, to take steps to overturn the results.

She gave an early social media support for the Trump rally, which preceded the 2021 attack at the United States Capitol.

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Her support of the rally occurred before the violence took place, and she later apologized for having contributed to a division between the former Clarence Thomas Supreme Court clerks.

Virginia Thomas Net Worth – $1.5 Million

What is Virginia Thomas net worth? How much does the American attorney and conservative activist worth? She has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas remained active in conservative politics, serving as a consultant for the Heritage Foundation, and as president and founder of Liberty Central.