Was Musa Yamak Vaccinated?

Musa Yamak is a well known boxer who was undefeated in 75 topflight matches. He was fighting in the light heavyweight division.

He died on Sunday, May 15, 2022, during a contest that was held in Garching near, Munich, Germany.

Yamak was born in the year 1984 and made his professional debut on 13 October 2007.

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Musa Yamak
Credit: Marca

In 2019, he became the European in a match that was staged in Istanbul, Turkey.

Yamak suffered a heart attack during a match. Until his death, he held the WBF and GBU titles and was Asia-Europe Light Heavyweight champion.

He is originally from Turkey, having been born in Alucra, Giresun, Turkey. He holds a German passport and had been resident in Munich, Germany.

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Musa is reported to have had both his second-cycle and tertiary educations at private institutions.

Was Musa Yamak Vaccinated?

Considering the manner in which Yamak died, many fans across the world are curious to know if it was as a result of him being unvaccinated.

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There is however no official release of his medical report for us to ascertain his status with regards vaccination. We will inform you as soon as his medical report is released.

Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com