Wave Set Cephus Wiki, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Mom, Instagram, Meaning

Wave Set Cephus Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Place of Birth, Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Name Meaning, Pronunciation, Mom, Dad, Siblings, Instagram, and more.

Wave Set Cephus Wikipedia

Wave Set Cephus was born on 4 September 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.
He is the second child of Cardi B and the fifth child of rapper Offset.

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Wave Set Cephus
Wave Set Cephus

Wave Set Cephus Age, Birthday, Place of Birth

Cephus is 1 year old and was born on 4 September 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Wave Set Cephus Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion

Cephus is an American and is of African heritage. His religious inclinations are yet to be developed since he is still young.

Wave Set Cephus Height & Weight (Body Measurements)

Cephus is still a baby so his vital stats are yet to be known.

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Wave Set Cephus Net Worth

Cephus’ net worth is yet to be known.

Wave Set Cephus Name Meaning

Wave’s middle name, Set was named after his father’s stage name, Offset.
While Cephus is his surname.

Wave Set Cephus Pronunciation

The name Cephus is pronounced as ‘see-fus’.

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Wave Set Cephus Mom & Dad (Parents)

Cephus was born to American rappers and musicians Cardi B and Offset.

Wave Set Cephus Siblings (Brother & Sister)

Cephus’ siblings are Kulture Cephus,Jordan Cephus,Kody Cephus, and Kalea Cephus.

Wave Set Cephus Instagram

Cephus does not have an Instagram account yet.


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