‘When You Impregnated That Innocent Girl Who Defended You?’ – Rev. Obofour Quizzes Adom Kyei Duah

Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) Worldwide’s founder and leader, Reverend Obofour, recently caused a stir by daring to divulge allegedly sensitive information about Stephen Adom Kyei Duah, a well-known Ghanaian televangelist.

It all started when Adom Kyei Duah accused Obofour of going to his church, drinking his sobolo and then asking for a loan later. This accusation appears to be the source of the conflict between the two religious leaders.

Rev. Obofour has vehemently refuted the claims and charged Duah with lying to promote his miracle products, which he claims is a business strategy.

In a video circulating on social media, Obofour can be seen calling Adom Kyei Duah a “liar” and questioning why, if he had drunk the sobolo, which he uses for miracles, he could have also used it on his bald head to make it grow.

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“That guy is a criminal. He said I came to drink his sobolo and biscuits so he could advertise them. Don’t take it as a joke. He always wants attention to come to his miracle items. That’s how he gets the money.

“He is a liar; I didn’t drink any sobolo. If I took his sobolo, why doesn’t he pour it on his head so his bald hair will grow? I have watched the video. The man was boasting,” he said.

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Obofour’s daring to reveal alleged secrets about their previous interactions has fueled the feud between the two pastors even further.

Rev. Obofour claims he met Adom Kyei Duah 11 times, and while he denies drinking the sobolo, he claims they “done serious things together” during that time.

“I’ve met him 11 times in this life. He claims I have come to his church, and he has also come to mine and even to the office. We have done serious things together. Out of the 11, I will explain what transpired during three of our meetings.

“When he impregnated someone, ask which pastor stood in the beg for him. If he gathers the courage to mention my name and say he is referring to me in all his shades, ask him what he did with the two Sabroso oils and four claws of an eagle in the years 2014 and 2015,” he added.

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Duah, for his part, has fired back at Obofour, accusing him of hiding behind his television station to make defamatory remarks about him.

So, as we speak, the ongoing brouhaha between Obofour and Duah has drawn a lot of attention, with many people taking sides.

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Source: Kingaziz.com