Where Are Putin’s Children Hiding? Switzerland or Germany?

Where Are Putin’s Children Hiding? Switzerland or Germany? All you need to know about where the Russian president is hiding his children amidst Ukraine and Russia conflict.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer who is the current president of Russia. Since 2012, he has been serving in the position.

He previously held the office from 1999 to 2008. He served as prime minister between 1999 and 2000, and again in 2008 to 2012.

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After Alexander Lukashenko, Putin is Europe’s second longest-serving president.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin [Image Credit: Getty Images]
Under Putin’s direction, Russia has shifted to the authoritarian regime. The majority of experts do not believe Russia as a democratic country due to the imprisonment and suppression of political opponents and the intimidation and suppression of the press, as well as the absence of free and fair elections.

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Russia has not scored well according to Transparency Internation’s Corruption Perceptions Index, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, and Freedom House’s Freedom in the World index.

Where Are Putin’s Children Hiding? Switzerland or Germany?

Putin reportedly fled his four children with their mother Alina Kabaeva out of Russia at the start of the Ukraine war.

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They live in a luxury and extremely private property in a distant section of Switzerland.

While Putin carries out his assault on the Ukraine, attacking innocent citizens and causing a refugee crisis, his family is holed up in a very private and very secure chalet somewhere in Switzerland – for now, at least.” A source told Page Six.

Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com