Who Is Brad Ashford Wife Ann Ferlic?

Who Is Brad Ashford Wife Ann Ferlic? All you need to know about the spouse of the late American politician.

John Bradley Ashford was an American politician who served in the Nebraska Legislature and the United States House of Representatives from Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district.

After serving in the state legislature from 1987 to 1995, Ashford tried to win the Republican nomination for the 2nd congressional district in Nebraska, however, he was defeated.

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He returned to the legislature in 2007. He served until the year 2015 when he ran successfully for his seat in the House of Representatives against incumbent Lee Terry.

After serving in the House of Representatives for two years, he was defeated in the House of Representatives by Don Bacon and was later defeated in the Democratic primary in the year 2018 when the candidate ran to win his House seat.

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Born on November 10, 1949, in Omaha, Nebraska, United States, Brad Ashford died on April 19, 2022, at the age of 72.

Who Is Brad Ashford Wife Ann Ferlic?

Brad Ashford and his wife Ann Ferlic got married in the year 1993 on August 27.

Together, the couple had three children; John Ashford, Ellie Ashford, and Tom Ashford.

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Who Is Brad Ashford Wife Ann Ferlic?
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Ann Ferlic Ashford has lived in Omaha all of her life. She has decided to run for Congress, since she believes elected officials should put Nebraska in preference to Washington politics.

Ashford is a pragmatic problem solver who knows the steps needed to accomplish a task.

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