Who Is Dani Alves’ Ex-Wife Joana Sanz?

Former Barcelona and Brazil footballer Dani Alves has been handed a four-year, six-month prison sentence following his conviction for sexually assaulting a young woman at a nightclub in Barcelona.

On February 22, 2024, Alves was found guilty of rape and has been sentenced to four and a half years behind bars. Additionally, he has been ordered to pay €150,000 in damages to the victim. Alves’ legal representative has stated intentions to appeal the verdict.

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Who Is Dani Alves’ Ex-Wife Joana Sanz?

Joana Sanz is a Spanish model who was previously married to Dani Alves, the Brazilian professional footballer. Joana Sanz gained recognition in the fashion industry for her work as a model, appearing in various campaigns and fashion shows.

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She and Dani Alves were married for several years before their separation. While they were together, their relationship garnered attention from the media due to their respective careers and public appearances. Their marriage lasted from 2017 to 2023.

Following Alves’ arrest on sexual assault charges, his wife Joana Sanz made the decision to separate from him in March 2023. In a public statement, she expressed that Alves had caused her significant emotional pain and stated her desire to move forward and “close this chapter” of her life.

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